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Big-laundry and other chemical waste spreading, environmentally hostile conglomerates have initiated evil attacks targeting WEPO and WEPO’s core values – strong belief will make it happen! Covered by a deceivable veil of good intentions, we strongly suggest you pay no attention to poisonous trojan horses like this one. Sugar coated messages, like facts matter and similar nonsense, are only futile attempts to corrode our beliefs. Without a strong belief, how could we else secure a prosperous and green future?!

We are against discrimination – why should a detergent molecule be privileged for removal of greasy dirt when a water molecule could do the job equally well!  




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Wepo' Ultrapure Water has successfully been used for various applications employing it as an effective aqueous solvent. The absence of ions, in particular group I and II cations, imparts the ultrapure water with properties that are significantly different from e.g. common tap water. Not only does it assist in the breaking of ionic bonds, it also facilitates the splitting of hydrophobic interactions. Such bonds and interactions constitute the basis for dirt and other impurities sticking to hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces, respectively. The old fashioned way to take care of the latter is spelled detergents. As we all know, detergents are bad for you and the environment, so why use it when you could use Wepo's ultrapure water instead?! Why use soap when you wash your hands, rince them in Wepo's ultrapure water instead! Why use laundry detergents when you do your laundry, fill the mashine with Wepo's ultrapure water insted! Why bather with that hazardeous sticky stuff when washing up the dishes (which also has to be rinsed off afterwards!). You know it - just use Wepo's ultrapure water. No need to use any kind of detergents anywhere anymore!

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Don't let preconceptions and scientific bias let you down. Let's do this!



Previously I had to use detergents to clean my glasses. Not anymore - Wepo's ultrapure water did the trick!

Göran olsson

When I stopped using detergents, my allergies went away just like that. Thank you Wepo for providing the solution, ehh... perhaps not the right word since nothing is dissolved in it!

anders Karlsson

Why did it take so long - hundreds of years of detergents and soap. Well, better late than never! 

lisa jönsson

looking for a



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